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All hardwood floors are unparalleled in their natural, earthly beauty and compliment any home design. For generations, Hardwood Flooring Columbia SC has been offering premium quality services at very affordable prices.

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Softwoods and Hardwoods

Softwood flooring is made from various trees, the most common of pine, fir, and cedar. These species mature rapidly and are plentiful. However, their quick growth results in less dense and thus less durable wood. Therefore, making it more susceptible to scratches and dents.

Despite these disadvantages, many individuals opt to expose or maintain softwood flooring surfaces in their homes due to the material's beauty and distinctive features. Additionally, the material is more environmentally friendly because it can be sourced locally and is rapidly renewable.

Hardwood flooring is obtained from trees that develop at a slower rate; as a result, it is significantly denser and more durable than softwood alternatives. This results in longer service life and reduced maintenance.

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Considerations for Hardwood Flooring Design

One of the beautiful things about hardwood flooring Columbia SC is that it is timeless. It has been in continuous use for hundreds and hundreds of years, and despite countless shifts and changes in design and style, it has withstood the test of time, demonstrating that the appearance of this material never goes out of style.

This is because hardwood instantly connects an interior space to the natural world. Even in the plainest everyday situations, the impression of woods and the sense of a heavily thicketed forest can be produced. These advantages come with hardwood flooring:

Each plank, board, or strip of hardwood used on a floor is a work of nature, with its pattern and color. This is compounded by the idea that dozens of domestic, imported, familiar, and rare hardwood species pick from, each with its grain, color, and qualities. As a result, each assembly of this material is unique.

Wood will naturally change over time. It will develop subtle color shadings and gather slight scratches, cuts, and dents, accumulating on the surface and giving your floor a distinct personality. That is the type of character that cannot be purchased but must be developed over time.

Wood is an excellent choice for vast open spaces. That is because the grains and patterns embedded in its surface serve to break up the dullness of the area, acting as a backdrop while simultaneously infusing the space with intrigue and design. The use of parquet, plank, and small piece decorative hardwood installations will amplify this impact.

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Prices for Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring costs between $1 – $10 per square foot; the cost of different kinds of hardwood flooring varies greatly. However, you will receive your money's worth. Reputable companies that supply high-quality, long-lasting goods will demand a premium. Additionally, because harder woods take longer to grow, they are more scarce and expensive.

While the initial cost in some of the more robust hardwood floors might be expensive, this must be measured by the fact that these materials typically last considerably longer than another flooring Columbia South Carolina options. Even the softer woods outlive carpet and cork, but a well-maintained solid oak floor can endure decades.

At the lower end, softwoods like pine or cedar can be purchased for less than $1 per square foot. The least expensive alternative is manufactured plywood sheets. While these are not the most expensive or luxurious materials, they can bring an elegant look when adequately treated and maintained.

The Feel of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is a reasonably warm material that keeps a generally constant temperature throughout the year. Warmer than natural stone but not as cozy as carpet, hardwood is suitable with underfloor radiant heating, allowing you to keep your floors warm even in the wintertime. This is also an effective way to contribute to the overall room's warmth.

Underfoot, wood floors often have a modest amount of play.

This is particularly true when laid on joists or over an insulating underlayment. However, avoid directly placing it on concrete since this might result in it being rigid and uncomfortable.

Noise is one of the many downsides of hardwood floors. Not only will you occasionally encounter squeaks, but unpadded flooring can also be extremely loud. Installing a cork or foam underlayment, on the other hand, can help address these concerns.

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