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Trust the experts at flooring solutions Columbia when it comes to selecting the best flooring for your property. We'll assist you through every step of the process, from finding the correct style to choosing the best materials to personalize floor designs.

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The Flooring Solutions Columbia Guarantees High-Quality Flooring

Flooring Solutions Columbia

Residential, industrial, and commercial concrete coating floor solutions are all specialties of Flooring Solutions Columbia Certified Experts. We use sophisticated floor coatings, equipment, and procedures to provide various Flooring Contractors in Columbia SC, including residential epoxy flooring Columbia, garage epoxy floors, and more.

The flooring solutions Columbia SC are long-lasting, low-maintenance, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

Epoxy Flooring for the Home

Epoxy flooring is one of the perfect choices for your property’s safety, durability, ease of maintenance, and cost; however it is frequently disregarded. By having an extraordinarily sanitary and durable floor that is easy to keep clean, you immediately improve your family’s health, wellness, and safety.

You can also choose from an infinite number of color schemes, patterns, slip-resistant materials, light-reflectivity, and pet-friendliness options. For your convenience, epoxy flooring Columbia is odorless, extremely wear-resistant, and can be placed in a short amount of time. A new residential epoxy floor designed in collaboration with you and installed by flooring solutions Columbia SC flooring experts will be easy to clean, long-lasting, and improve the quality, beauty, and return on investment of your home.

Flooring for the Industrial Sector

The flooring solutions Columbia industrial flooring specialists have the skills and experience to install the highest-quality safety flooring in warehousing and manufacturing facilities to accommodate heavy-duty forklift activity. We assist you in selecting the optimal solution by assessing your facilities and requirements and installing a floor that gives excellent long-term performance and value. You can count on our cutting-edge equipment and floor tooling to meet and surpass the most stringent requirements.

Kitchen Flooring for Commercial Use

The Flooring Solutions Columbia transforms your commercial kitchen floor into a cutting-edge health and safety surface.

Mold, foul odors, and pollutants can form in these locations, making them impossible to remove without the use of hazardous chemicals. Flooring Solutions Columbia specialists install urethane cement flooring, which reduces bacteria breeding regions and is sturdy enough to withstand strong acid and caustic cleaning.

Epoxy Metallic Flooring

Metallic epoxy flooring Columbia is made with iridescent, light-reflective aggregate blends made up of nanoparticles covered with organic or inorganic pigments to give them an iridescent appearance. Metallic epoxy flooring features a decorative appearance that is slip-resistant and provides industrial-grade protection. They are one of the most durable solutions for decorative epoxy concrete floors on the market.

A metallic epoxy floor installation requires experienced flooring professionals due to its complexity. The flooring solutions Columbia experts provide beautiful flooring options that are highly adaptable, personalized, and professionally installed to meet your specific requirements.

You may create an infinite variety of designs and textures by combining decorative powders, gloss, chips, and colored sands. We will work one-on-one with you to establish the design, and we guarantee that your floor will no longer be drab!

The Flooring Solutions Columbia Professionals Guarantees Flooring for Health and Safety that Survives Time

We aren't just another flooring company at flooring solutions Columbia SC; our flooring experts give the highest level of professional service and knowledge.

On every part of every flooring job, we are dedicated to providing the best service in the industry. We not only offer the best work, but we also meet or surpass the standard health and safety regulations.

Our goal is to ensure that every client is completely delighted with their flooring project from start to finish.

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Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM - 6PM
Address: 1601 Assembly St, Columbia, SC 29201